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Dear soulswap partners

We are very glad to have your participation in the growth of soulswap.

After five years of iteration and innovation, SOU’s public chain has the foundation to become a high-quality public chain in all aspects. We firmly believe that it will emerge in the world of blockchain like bitcoin public chain, Ethereum public chain and EOS public chain.

The appearance of SOU is destined to be extraordinary, because it adopts the mode of mining by computing power + mining by holding money. It has written all the 900 million sou coins into the smart contract, which can't be tampered.

In the final analysis, a good public chain depends on the centripetal force exerted by the public chain on all people. The centripetal force spontaneously generated in the ecology is the basis of the ecological stability and prosperity of the public chain, and the people in the community will spontaneously promote the evolution and development of the public chain. Soulswap's original community development model must be the public chain most in line with the attributes of human society.

Before soulswap was about to go online, our app began to open and register tentatively. At present, there are nearly 200000 registered members. We also opened two rounds of private placement to users, and many enthusiastic partners actively exchanged SOU mother coin. We would like to express our sincere thanks here!

In order to give more preferential treatment to early-stage believers of SOU, and in line with the current market atmosphere of cryptocurrency, the laboratory decided to split the mother coin we retained to each partner participating in private placement.

Specific methods:

1. The original price for online transaction was 1 usdt / SOU coin, which is now adjusted to 0.1666 usdt / SOU coin;

2. Each partner participating in the private placement will be calculated by multiplying the amount of money you have raised by 6, and will go to your wallet address after going on the main chain;

3. In the third phase of private placement, we only provided 300000 SOU coins,We have decided to subscribe for the third round of mother currency on May 18.

4. The third round of private placement of SOU coins is over, and the original plan is to subscribe for computing power and start mining on May 21, 2021. Through in-depth communication with the technical team, it is determined that computing power subscription will be carried out on May 25, 2021. Around June 1, 2021, the online main chain will be realized, and the wallet address of the main chain will be generated. The SOU coin and hash computing power in the early stage of private placement will be transferred to your own accounts, and the comprehensive mining work will be gradually started.

Time has come and the world has worked together. Let's make a difference.

Soulswap sincerely wishes every partner to realize wealth and freedom as soon as possible!!!

Soulswap blockchain Lab



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